Food Club October 2016

Is Black the New Green?

For many years we have been told to fill ourselves up on green vegetables for health reasons- but – black in terms of colouration seems to be taking over! Black-coloured foods are packed with stronger properties than our ‘green friends’, surprisingly enough, due to the pigmentation in certain varieties of food containing ‘anthocyanins’, which may lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart problems. We know that raspberries are good for your diet, so black raspberries must be better – not forgetting black beans of course, which are full of protein and fibre. These are the ones we know, along with black tea – but US trends now show us black hotdogs, black burgers, black ice cream (and black cones!), black bagels – the list is endless!

Black ice cream? How did we get to that far off place? Apparently coconut ash is the driving force behind such a strange addition to any ice cream parlour. But Morgenstern’s in New York swear by this ice cream as a great ‘detox’ fix. The base is charcoal that has been created by burning down the shells of coconuts, which then forms a ‘preventative layer’ so that toxins cannot be absorbed into your bloodstream. Convinced? This is one that is on the back boiler for us at Live to Eat, as there is currently no scientific proof.

Look for some recipes for black foods such as black pasta, black sesame seeds, black rice and even black truffles if you can afford them. But look no further for a wonderful recipe of ours in our Halloween section – truly delicious and a showstopper dinner if you have guests for October 31st.  We use black garlic to boost our dish to new heights.


The month of October sees many countries celebrating Halloween, the supposed night when ghosties and ghoulies (not forgetting witches) come out in full (even if some of them are children dressed up!). For many countries, there is no real reason behind celebrating this spooky day, but in countries such as Mexico, for them it is a religious festival, ‘El dia de Los Muertos’, when they remember the dead of their families, extending over a period of 3 days! As you can imagine, there is a lot of feasting going on, and in fact, now in London, Mexican restaurants group together to provide a huge festival atmosphere relating to this celebration, a creation of Thomasina Miers, the entrepreneur behind the chain of Wahaca restaurants.

Give it a try, and celebrate some great Mexican food and street food, with parades and a memorable festival atmosphere.

Recipe for Success – Black Garlic Roast Chicken

Readers tell us they are clamouring for more recipes, so in our own way we are celebrating black foods and Halloween at the same time. Black thoughts, darkness and witches dressed in black all add to Halloween sentiments, so try out our recipe from the link above.

Black garlic is not the most attractive of vegetables that you would immediately reach for in a supermarket or greengrocers, but it has a slightly sweet and delicious flavour that some say reminds them of molasses. Use it the same as ordinary white garlic, but benefit from the sweet and unctuous taste that is missing from its sisters. There isn’t the harshness of ordinary garlic, as black garlic is achieved by ageing it under special conditions to produce the surprising flavour. Black garlic has TWICE the amount of antioxidants compared to its compatriots, so it is incredibly healthy. Matched with chicken, you cannot go wrong with a sumptuous dish like our recipe.

Not only that, we have supplied you with the recipe for the black garlic gravy – once you have tried this, you will be making it all the time!

Happy Halloween, and don’t forget the black garlic chicken!


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