No churn dark chocolate ice cream for a warm summer’s day

Most people would agree that ice cream is one of the most delicious desserts. It can be kept in the freezer for a long time and tastes great especially after a very tiring day at school or work. Unfortunately making this amazing dessert has been a big challenge for a lot of home cooks.

Introducing my no churn ice cream, perfect for these warm summer days it is hassle free it and importantly keeps the original texture of the ice cream and the wonderful dark chocolate taste.

If it is your first time making no churn ice cream, keep in mind that the secret ingredient to this yummy dessert is none other than the condensed milk. By using this creamy and sweet ingredient, the final result of your hard work will be smooth, not too icy and creamy.

When making your own no churn dark chocolate ice cream, all you need are approximately 250 grams of dark chocolate (make sure that it is 70% cocoa solid), 1 ½ cups of double cream and 2/3 cup of condensed milk (sweetened). If you wish you may also add in your favorite mix-ins such as marshmallows or honeycomb. Trust me this will absolutely be loved by the whole family and those that have a sweet tooth to satisfy.

Preparation is quick and clean up a breeze by not having to use a very bulky and expensive ice cream maker which can sometimes be tiring and challenging to operate. Likewise, I do not have to worry about what dessert I will make for my friends when they visit since the ice cream can be made so easily and kept in advance. The ingredients are always available and it’s a good thing they are not that pricey either.

As mentioned my no churn ice cream can be customized by using your favorite flavors and add-ins, I also love making coffee and vanilla versions. For a free copy of my no churn dark chocolate ice cream recipe click here

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