Surprising Ways to Eat Cauliflower

Thinking of what foods to prepare and cook for an every day meal can be very daunting.

Luckily, there are lots of delicious recipes which can be found on the internet, cauliflower is a favourite veggie to many, so it is a delight to know that that there are various recipes for cauliflower that you can use in your everyday cooking. I personally love to experiment with recipes and because cauliflower is one of my favourites, making various recipes out of it can be great fun! Here are some of the cauliflower ideas I wish to share with my food loving fans:

You can utilize these to make breakfast quesadillas, tacos and breakfast burritos or you can consume them plain, properly heated on the stovetop with added little amount of butter and salt and a little squirt of lime. By doing so, you will already have gluten-free and delicious Paleo tortillas. My younger siblings love this recipe.

  • Caramelised Cauliflower Frittata

This frittata is an ideal way to use cauliflower and augment the flavour as well as the fiber in your breakfast. Aside from this, the preparation time is slightly longer then say a standard scrambled eggs recipe mainly because of the caramelised onions. This is ideal for busy people.

  • Almond Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Described as a Thai-inspired menu, this will surely be a star when you prepared it. The cauliflower will get riced in your food processor and after that it will be cooked with coconut milk, almonds, fragrant spices and toasted coconut. You may also consider adding some protein such as tofu or chicken to make it a complete meal. I have prepared this for friends who visit my flat.

  • Cauliflower and Bacon Hash

The cauliflower will be browned in bacon grease and by doing so it will soak up all the mouthwatering flavours. This is best when served as a side to roast beef or when served with eggs. Kids will surely love this treat.

  • Asian Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps

This delectable recipe will be even more delicious if paired with peppers, onions or any vegetable of your choice. Afterwards, you may bake while whisking together a peanut butter dressing. Then, it is time to load up the leaves of lettuce with vegetables and dressing and then you may serve quickly. I have always made this one for my special someone.

To make this unique muffin recipe, all you need to do is to use finely processed cauliflower rather than using all-purpose flour as the base. Afterwards, combine the ham, eggs and mushrooms. In addition, set aside a few in the freezer for busy mornings and all you have to do is to cook and then go. I always share this with my colleagues whenever I bring it in the office.

  • Cauliflower and Feta Omelet

As always, simple is best. For this classic and unique-tasting cauliflower-packed omelet, all you need to do is to sprinkle the finishing cheesy touch on the top so you can instantly have an easy to prepare morning meal. Your kids can help you prepare this very easy to make omelet.

  • Paleo Sausage and Cauliflower Breakfast Bake

To make this recipe, utilize a blender to carefully puree the cauliflower; afterwards, mix it with chicken or sausage (whatever you prefer), your most preferred tomatoes, eggs, greens and coconut milk. Then, season and bake.

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