LIVE TO EAT: Meals Everyone Can Make

Making good, fresh meals or snacks takes no time at all and is very easy, but most importantly it is very enjoyable! In this book you will find fast and healthy entrees, main meals and desserts that you can prepare in 30 to 60 minutes. Combined with my nutritious ‘hero’ ingredients you will be creating marvellous meals that can be prepared and enjoyed at anytime, on any day of the week.

“Live to Eat is exactly the kind of cook book I enjoy. It’s simple and straight to the point. It gets down to the nitty gritty making the world’s most complicated recipe easy and a breeze to make” – Ash via Goodreads
“There are twenty recipes in this cookbook which may not seem like a lot but each is easily moulded or adapted to create new meals. There are four sections each highlighting a different “hero” ingredient: chili, verjuice, olive oil, and dark chocolate. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph, a tantalizing description, and simple straightforward directions (something a kitchen klutz like myself greatly appreciates!)” – Erin via Amazon.com


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