The Magic of Butter Chicken

One of the most important presents you can ever give to your family is spending quality time with them. Such as eating a meal together, having a good conservation and enjoying the meal with the special people that matter to you the most.

Recent research has found that families who consistently eat together are closer as compared to those who eat separately. Indeed, families who eat meals together have more balanced and healthier diets. This does not just merely enhance everyone’s physical health but it also greatly contributes to their overall wellness and mental health.

Dishes prepared and consumed together implies more control over what’s consumed, better nutrition and less weight gain for the entire family. In connection to this, a lot of researchers hypothesise that families who eat together typically are more apt to discuss nutrition at the dinner table as compared to families that pick individual meals from the kitchen and then just choose to go their separate ways. These lessons are carried over into adulthood. When kids have family meals growing up, they are more likely to consume regularly scheduled meals as adults.

Butter chicken has always been one of our favourite dishes at home. Butter Chicken is a very famous Indian curry and fortunately is no longer complicated to prepare and cook as compared to its traditional version, anyone can cook this amazing recipe easily and you can find a copy of my Butter Chicken recipe here, as well as in my new book Live To Eat- Meals Everyone Can Make. I have developed my version of this classic to maintain all the flavours that make butter chicken great. Feel free to adapt this dish to your own tastes by adding more spice, yogurt etc. I like my butter chicken quite warm so often add a little extra chili than normal and recommend serving with rice and some warm naan bread.

Making my butter chicken with the rest of the family is a labor of love, cooperation and involvement for all of the family. Of course, when something is done with love, it can’t go wrong.

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