Great Tips to Make the Perfect Chili Con Carne

Without question, making the perfect chili con carne is not a mystery or a science. In truth, it is merely the product of exceptional cooking practices, which can greatly enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

I came from a family who is fond of cooking and eating. My family loves to experiment on various recipes and one of our favorites is chili con carne. The ultimate chili con carne must have a meaty, robust and beefy flavor, and should be bound together through a deep and thick red sauce that comes with a complex and rich chili flavor that specifically combines hot, fruity, bitter, fresh and sweet elements in perfect balance. The beans need to be intact, creamy as well as tender. Personally, I love using de Arbol chilies. Keep in mind that chili is personal, so this implies that there are really no right or wrong answers. In short, it’s all in your taste buds.

If you prefer to use chili powder, make sure to cook it. I normally do this in 2 different methods; first, I thoroughly add the chili powder to the meat that has been carefully cooked with onions and garlic. Then, I just continue cooking the chili powder into the meat till its colors begin to turn dark. I then add the tomatoes and de Arbol chilies and cook altogether till they thicken. In reality, Chili con carne is not a complicated dish, it is simple and will always depend on your taste. But of course, you’ve also got to use the right ingredients!

To give my Chili con carne recipe from my book Live To Eat: Meals Everyone Can Make a try click here. My Chili con carne is a quick and simple recipe that can be made on any day of the week, as mentioned above I use de Arbol chili due to its sweet smooth heat and natural grassy flavor. I also add a small amount of dark chocolate cocoa to give the chili a touch of sweetness.

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