Tomato Salad for a Healthier You!

Most of us choose to be health conscious not just to look slimmer, look better but more so to be healthier. Aside from regular exercise, people today are also very picky when it comes to the food they consume. One of the healthiest foods a person can ever consume and add to his/her daily diet is tomato. Tomatoes are undoubtedly a treasure of wealth when it comes to its level of antioxidant and health benefits.

It is interesting to note that tomatoes’ also offer a huge amount of beta carotene, vitamin C, they are a excellent source of vitamin E and also contain an exceptional amount of the vital mineral known as manganese. It has been reported that Tomatoes also comes with anti-cancer benefits, cardiovascular support and as well as the antioxidant support mentioned above. Additionally, according to some studies, diets containing tomatoes have been associated with reduced risk of certain neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s’ disease as well as minimised risk of obesity.

What makes tomato salad so versatile is that it can be enjoyed and served with fried fish and meat and it can also be taken as a healthy snack if you’re on a diet.Ever since I was young, my mother always taught us the value of preparing, cooking and serving healthy meals for the family. In addition, she taught us about the importance of picking only the freshest and finest ingredients and as much as possible to use only natural or organic flavourings, ingredients, spices and seasonings. As a result when it comes to preparing salad, tomato salad is always on top of my list. Apart from the reality that tomato salad is quite easy to prepare, its ingredients are  inexpensive.

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