Why Dark Chocolate is Good For You

Recently, dark chocolate has been shown to have a great number of health benefits. However, dark chocolate also contains high amounts fat so remember to monitor your intake of calories of this delectable treat and even though dark chocolate contains a number of health benefits, moderation is advised.

I really have a sweet tooth and anything that contains chocolate really fascinates me. Over the years I have developed many recipes that use dark chocolate to its upmost to make this amazing hero ingredient shine. So, what are the health benefits of eating dark chocolate?

  • Dark chocolate is good for the brain primarily because it increases the blood flow resulting in improved cognitive function. Moreover, containing phenylethylamine dark chocolate can also make you feel happier and less stressed.
  • Consuming a small amount of dark chocolate at least twice a week can greatly aid in lowering blood pressure.
  • Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants which remove free radicals from the body, free radicals cause oxidative damage to cells. And may lead to cancer and accelerate the process of aging so consuming foods that are loaded with antioxidants can shield you from several types of cancer and slow down aging process.
  • Dark chocolate regulates blood glucose so consuming can shield a person from type 2 diabetes. The flavonoids found in dark chocolates may also minimize insulin resistance through aiding the body cells to work normally and reclaim the ability to utilize the body’s insulin more efficiently.
  • Dark chocolate is loaded with a great number of minerals and vitamins which can support health such as iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. The potassium and copper in dark chocolate help impede cardiovascular diseases and the risk of stroke. Meanwhile, magnesium helps prevent heart ailments, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and lastly iron shields against iron deficiency anemia.
  • Dark chocolates come with Theobromine. This has been revealed to have the ability to harden the enamel of the tooth. In short, this significantly helps lower the risk of acquiring cavities if you regularly practice good oral hygiene. Likewise, Theobromine serves as a mild stimulant and can effectively suppress coughs.

To get you started on your own Dark Chocolate discovery I recommend trying my Dark Chocolate Cream Liqueur (recipe found here). The smooth chocolatey taste with a hint of whisky in the background, has been a favourite with my family for many years.

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