Why my Sweet Chili Hamburgers are my Family’s Favorite

People these days love trying different flavors and tastes, sometimes it is tiring and uninteresting to eat the same foods every day. For this reason I try to invent new flavors and unique recipes that will satisfy everyone’s discerning palate.

My family and I are hamburger addicts! I often mix up ingredients and use other toppings just to make differently flavored and unique hamburgers. One of my favorites is my sweet chili hamburger. The kids in the family surprisingly find these hamburgers very satisfying and they even prefer them compared to your everyday beef burger.

I make sure that my hamburgers are of the right size and tend to freeze them in advance so to satisfy the tastes of the whole family.  Since I know every family member’s preference when it comes to sauce, cheese, spices and other toppings, it is easy to pull the burgers from the freezer pop them on the grill and when ready top them off with your favorite hamburger fillings. They can be enjoyed as a meal or a snack. Preparing sweet chili hamburger is a fresh, quick meal for the whole family.

Click here for my Sweet Chili Hamburger recipe.

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